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poorwill - 2017-07-27

Kingdom Hearts fans are worse than Sonic fans. The Sonic series has, like, two or three decent games. All Kingdom Hearts games are genuinely shit. The best of them are easily down there with the worst of the Transformers movies/DCEU/Twilight series or whatever other mainstream successes that people make a great show of hating ... but this trash still has a large and loyal following that have totally and frustratingly escaped stigmatism.

infinite zest - 2017-07-27

I don't think any previous crossover games prior to 2002 really expanded their universes like KH did; fighting and Kart games and such do it all the time but never with much story substance (sorry Namco, feel free to keep doing it but seriously what the fuck) and so much unexpected heart and attention to detail in a crossover that sounds every bit as appealing as a peanut butter and cheese sandwich does was actually kind of a revelation for me, that at least it can be done. now just because you CAN...

Two Jar Slave - 2017-07-27

My gf at the time played KH1, and mashup aside it looked like a pretty well-made action RPG. Seeing her latch onto it, having never shown interest in an RPG before, was also the first time I realized how much the gaming industry normally catered to my interests. Goes without saying now, but back then it wasn't something I'd heard people talk about yet.

I never gave it much thought after. What's so irredeemably terrible about the series?

Oh, and stars on principal for any 3-hour lore video.

infinite zest - 2017-07-27

I think its mostly its legacy and its indirect influence on all things -meta; if you read the comments of that 'Ready Player One' video thread again, that's pretty much the same thing. Let's load up the game with "I clapped when I sAW IT" moments and see how long we can keep the series running, because oh hey look it's Rocket Racoon riding an Orc for LOTR

infinite zest - 2017-07-27

(caragor, pardon me)

Two Jar Slave - 2017-07-27

Ah yeah, that makes sense. The shallow pandering of the empty reference.

I guess the question is whether the pop reference is the entire idea, or does it take that existing character and do something smart with it?

I watched the new Spiderman the other day and had no issue with Iron Man appearing in it, because Iron Man wasn't just a gratuitous cameo. He made sense as Spidey's absent father figure, and their relationship pushed the story forward. Smartly done. I've heard the Lego Batman movie (of all fucking things) is likewise a solid take on those pop heroes.

But I'm no Kingdom Hearts guy, and it sounds like empty pandering "clap when I saw it" is the norm there. Likewise in Ready Player One.

CrimsonHyperSloth - 2017-07-27

I played both KH1 and KH2, I enjoyed them but I always presumed it was more towards fan service and younger children.

Gameplay was fairly solid, it was also a neat view into Disney worlds that were a bit more interactive then was available before. Even if you couldn't explore Alice in Wonderland like a Skyrim game it was cool to see it in 3D and in person.

*shrugs* I'd largely forgotten about them until this posted.

Chocolate Jesus - 2017-07-27


Maggot Brain - 2017-07-27

Who would have thought that the Chris Chan universe would have the more coherent story line.

tesla_weapon - 2017-07-27

These are the kind of guys that come to my local game store, and you see them, and you hear their conversation, and you think, omg... Then they smash you in draft and you go home questioning your choices in life.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2017-07-28

You play draughts with them?

Zoot42 - 2017-07-28

You can't beat people like this in a draft or really anything else because they have an eidetic memory when it comes to trivial fantasy and scifi bullshit.

tesla_weapon - 2017-07-29

Purple Cat, draft is a limited format for Magic: The Gathering.

Yeah I mean I guess they might have more space in their brain? I mean I watch reviews of sets, I watch pros draft, I read articles, I've been playing a few years, and I could break down why these guys continually beat me, but it is always these freaks that just roll me and I get very existential on the way home and lying in bed in the dark later that night trying to forget the horror and just go to sleep.

chumbucket - 2017-07-28

These guys again.

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