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Cena_mark - 2017-09-21

This guy talks just like the dude in Cracked's "If _______ Were Honest" videos.

Maggot Brain - 2017-09-21

nintendo = small independent firm

Maggot Brain - 2017-09-21

also,"happy-idea virus"

garcet71283 - 2017-09-21

Well, technically it's a subsidiary of Nintendo registered as "Pokemon Corporation" so... indie?

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-21

Their main product was redubbing a South Korean toddler's show about baby animals seeking magic gems with ironic and hip dialogue.

endlesschris - 2017-09-22

Nintendo owns exactly 32% of Pokemon. The initial games were indeed created by a small game company called Game Freak. So, the man in the video is not wrong... though getting the biggest game company on Earth to buy a third of your property and market it worldwide is not an easy success to replicate.

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2017-09-21

I enjoy entertainment magazines like Forbes, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal.

Also, this company financed that YooHoo & Friends localization where Dave Feiss did wraparounds and Flavor Flav voiced Father Time: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=89906

Old_Zircon - 2017-09-21

Needs "moichendizing" tag!

Rangoon - 2017-09-21


BiggerJ - 2017-09-22

Fun Fact: God help me, I got up early to watch the world premiere of the YooHoo & Friends localization. It wasn't completely terrible - it strikes me in retrospect that Dave Feiss treated it as a salvage mission, live the changes Bill Murray got made to the Garfield movie after getting involved only because of a case of mistaken identity.

boner - 2017-09-22

If I need animation made, I’ll take my chances with Fred & Sharon.

garcet71283 - 2017-09-22

More good stuff on these guys, apparently selling shares without SEC registration among other things.

Cease and desist order from CA attorney general.

Apparently they retreated from mainstream public solicitation and have graduated to scam apps and what amounts to Newgrounds for kids. http://www.toongoggles.com/shows/all

Killer Joe - 2017-09-22

Mine Block Featuring Bigbst4tz2!?!?
I LOVE Bigbst4tz2! All from the... the internet, man! Playing minecraft, but not calling it minecraft. All not giving a shit about copyrights from those big cartoon properties they were promising us they'd surpass.
Bigbst4tz2, man just... how the hell did they wrangle that guy?

hammsangwich - 2017-09-23

Yuck, now I have to take a shower to wash off this filth.

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