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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2017-09-29

Because of the fact that this is here + the look of the video, and the guys *very weird* delivery, it took me a minute to realise he is not a crackpot.

Also been playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program recently, damn its good! I was immediately evaluating those designs I saw in the video.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-30

"We'd quite like to solve healthcare and poverty."


SolRo - 2017-09-30

You think rich people are going to want to colonize desolate rocks with little to no entertainment or caviar?

We’re blasting poors into space soon as it’s cheaper than keeping them here.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-30

The Imperium of Man has a duty to conquer.

Meerkat - 2017-09-30

We can't maintain a world that's 99.9% perfectly suited to our species but we think we can go build a new one from scratch.

GravidWithHate - 2017-09-30

This is your obligatory reminder that spending on NASA represents 0.5% of the federal budget, and that if you think that 0.5% spending is what's keeping the US from having a proper social safety net, you are a fucking moron.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-30

This isn't about NASA. This is about the Elon Musks of the world being incredibly transparent about their motivations.

Ninehells - 2017-09-30

Take my chances on a desolate rock hurling through the void or stay here for another election cycle.

Hmm, let me thi-

Nope, So long suckers!

betabox - 2017-10-01

'pity this busy monster, manunkind'

pity this busy monster, manunkind,

not. Progress is a comfortable disease:
your victim (death and life safely beyond)

plays with the bigness of his littleness
--- electrons deify one razorblade
into a mountainrange; lenses extend
unwish through curving wherewhen till unwish
returns on its unself.
A world of made
is not a world of born --- pity poor flesh

and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this
fine specimen of hypermagical

ultraomnipotence. We doctors know

a hopeless case if --- listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go

E. E. Cummings

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