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fedex - 2017-12-15

Foobie the Robot!

fedex - 2017-12-15

43:40 man that Alvins shtick is just so bad...you can tell they can't see shit

sasazuka - 2017-12-16

I was going to say that 1984 was peak 1980s Saturday Morning (what with the first season of Muppet Babies plus TURBO TEEN) but 1983 did have the Chipmunks and the Smurfs were still going strong on NBC. And there was MR. T, but I remember finding it pretty terrible even when I was 8 turning 9.

The strong rookies on the 1983 Saturday morning schedule on CBS were DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, THE CHARLIE BROWN AND SNOOPY SHOW and SATURDAY SUPERCADE (if you ignore that terrible FROGGER theme I shared here a few months ago) and ABC had THE LITTLES (which I thought was pretty good at the time but it doesn't seem to get that much nostalgia beyond people talking about how much it ripped off THE BORROWERS).

Also-ran rookies for 1983 were: on ABC, the MONCHICHIS (packaged with returning shows RICHIE RICH and THE LITTLE RASCALS because reasons), RUBIK THE AMAZING CUBE (packaged with PAC-MAN), THE PUPPY'S FURTHER ADVENTURES (don't remember that one at all), and another season of SCOOBY DOO that always seems to count as a new series because more reasons (it was THE NEW SCOOBY DOO AND SCRAPPY SHOW for you pedants) and on CBS, THE BISKITTS (which I only remember because I've looked up Saturday morning schedules before and specifically clicked on the Wikipedia article to try and remember what that show even was) and BENJI, ZAX, AND THE ALIEN PRINCE (the live-action Benji show with the robot).

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