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chumbucket - 2017-12-20

Sure, Bernie may be my state senator, but his endless outrage echo of what we all know to be true without actually doing anything is getting tiresome.

Nominal - 2017-12-21

Speak for yourself. I'm up to FIFTEEN likevotes on my Facebook timeline repost of this, mister!

Cena_mark - 2017-12-21

That type of slacktivism is the problem, Nom Nom.

Mister Yuck - 2017-12-21

What could he even do?

Commander Tugboat - 2017-12-21

"Wow the republicans sure did eat our lunch."

"I know, I mean we knew they were mobilizing a large subset of angry voters by ensuring that the message they wanted to be heard was being transmitted at all times and keeping them in a mode of high dudgeon, but who knew that would translate into a stunning upset victory?"

"Yeah for real, I -- Oh jeez is Sanders giving another angry speech? Pack it in, grampers!"

SolRo - 2017-12-21

If sanders has accomplished one thing it is to prove that the easiest way to keep your job as a politician is to do as little as possible but give very passionate speeches.

StanleyPain - 2017-12-21

I'm not really a big Bernie fan, but what is he supposed to do? The fix was in on this bill a long time ago. I mean, Bernie is trying to lead Dems in an attempt to force the govt. shutdown over the budget since it doesn't contain funding for DREAMers or DACA or CHIPS (there's a mouthful of acronyms).
It's not like there's a whole lot of options right now. Dems, for better or worse, are trying to play a long game into the midterms. And then of course Doug Jones isn't seated yet and we lost Al Franken to a planned political smear job that worked.

tesla_weapon - 2017-12-21

Isn't democracy wonderful? Let's allow ANYBODY to have a say in our country, because you know, we're all equal and all that. Besides, everybody that votes is educated, well informed, emotionally and mentally healthy, with high standards of morals and ethics, and their IQ is at least double their age.

SolRo - 2017-12-21

I was talking about his whole career as a politician, which amounts to maybe 2 instances of working with other people to get shit done and 27+ years of protest votes and grandstanding

Nominal - 2017-12-22

Yup. If there's one thing people demanded in 2016, it's presidential candidates with no ability to actually get shit done and their only skill being pounding on a podium and shouting.

I can't believe how anyone could have actually sat down to look at Sanders' almost nil list of accomplishments in the nine years he's been in the senate. In fact he's the opposite of getting shit done with his protest voting against pragmatic compromises. He wouldn't have been anywhere close to as bad as a Republican president but I wasn't looking forward to finding out what he would have done with that attitude wielding executive veto rather than only being one vote out of a hundred.

Hillary wasn't great, but thinking she was a corrupt corporate shill anti-christ was ridiculous, especially coming from people claiming to be hip to right wing propaganda. The one and only area Sanders beat her was pounding on a podium and yelling, which is all a lot of progressives cared about. And when they didn't get exactly what they wanted, they went full Bernie and protest voted.

namtar - 2017-12-21

Five stars to all the people here that agree with Sanders but still criticize him.

Reasons why Poetv hates Bernie Sanders:

I liked him before he was cool. He's too mainstream now, totally sold out.

He sorta jumped the shark after season four.

The original manga was much deeper.

Subs over dubs.

I used to like him, but his fandom really turned me off of him.

Christopher Eccleston was cool, but I just can't get into the Peter Capaldi version of Bernie Sanders.

Sanders before Pinkerton.

He just isn't the same with high fructose corn syrup. You should get bottles of Mexican Bernie Sanders instead. I can totally tell the difference.

These constant tweets by the author retconning stuff totally turned me off the whole thing.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-12-21

His constantly denial of his father, Harland Sanders, is heartbreaking and out of character. Forgive him, Bernie. You’re only hurting yourself.

M-DEEM - 2017-12-21

Yeah well my bernie sanders was a rescue bernie bur sometimes I find myself asking "did I rescue bernie, or did bernie rescue me?"

The bernie sanders i had when i spent a summer abroad were uhhmayzing. I just haven't been able to find any bernie sanders that are even close in the states.

Hegemony Cricket - 2017-12-21


Hazelnut - 2017-12-21

I don't see the need for an argument. I regret that Bernie cost Hillary the election. I regret even more that Hillary cost Hillary the election.

I now think the moderate Left and the loopy Left need to unite to WIN. We must WIN. Cute-ass speeches are great but we need to STEP UP and TAKE POWER. Wanting power isn't this awful greasy thing, especially if the main reason to want it is to keep the asshole with the orange hair from having it.

We've just seen great Dem victories in Virginia and Alabama (!!!) using a combination of three strategies:

1. Just accepting that mid-Left and left-Left can agree to disagree on some things while we work on saving America
2. Hold the Party of Trump accountable for its cowardice.
3. Let opponents destroy themselves.

There's no need to Bort ourselves out of victory in 2018. Let's be friends, because we certainly already have an enemy!

chumbucket - 2017-12-21

Hazelnut said it best.

Bort - 2017-12-21

"There's no need to Bort ourselves out of victory in 2018."

In the run-up to the election, I was one of the people saying that people need to suck it up and back the Democrats, remember? Don't blame me for the disunity on Election Day; I would have lined up behind Bernie and more people here should have lined up behind Hillary. Don't blame Trump on those of us who got it right.

And when Leftie dumbfucks sit out 2018 and 2020 -- because of course they will -- don't blame that on me either.

Shanghai Tippytap - 2017-12-21

+1 for hazelnut from a canadian. anyone on the left who 'sits out' the next election is flexing their privilege of not seriously being affected by how bonkers your country is getting. if there's one thing that's supposed to define the left, it's enlightened self-interest.

Commander Tugboat - 2017-12-21

To Bort oneself out of victory is to pretend that it was only "lefties" who stayed home, that the "lefties" can be convinced into voting for whatever dipshit bloodless centrist the DNC puts forward if we JUST snivel at them a little harder, and that everyone else who stayed home can be ignored (because they don't exist, everyone loves Bloodless Centrist).

Bort - 2017-12-21

So to summarize Commander Tugboat: it's not the Left who's staying home, and also the Left is staying home because the Democrats are too centrist, and anyway the Democrats should pay more attention to people who aren't on the Left.

Oh yeah, I'm going to take that pile of horseshit seriously.

Pillager - 2017-12-21

The Midterms & 2020 are in the Dems' bag, if only they can connect with the working class.

SolRo - 2017-12-21

I'm like most people who don't live in sander's state;

I didn't know he existed until he suddenly demanded to be president.

Hazelnut - 2017-12-22

"Leftie dumbfucks"
- Bort

Nominal - 2017-12-22

namtar was one of the "Hilldawg will declare WWIII over Syria" bumblefucks.

Bort is an aggressive jerk but mongs who think like that deserve it all and more.

Hooker - 2017-12-22

ha ha bort

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-12-22

Stars for a glorious PoeTV Christmas dog pile!

memedumpster - 2017-12-23

The reboot since Disney bought him was lacklaster.
Fucking Zack Snyder... sigh.
He had to bring back Khan, really?
I am not signing up to CBS streaming to vote for Bernie.
He was nothing like the book, where the fuck was Eddie Dean!?
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, period.
He is literally the worst Batman, my god his fucking voice.
The planet Voyager flies over is way too small to be real.

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