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Accidie - 2018-04-10

he's incredible.

Crab Mentality - 2018-04-11

Easily the best theremin player I've ever seen. Did he do the soundtrack to every movie in the 80's?

Chicken the Did - 2018-04-11

Theremin Hero

chumbucket - 2018-04-11


Simillion - 2018-04-11

This is good. He probably uses scale correction and tempo fixing and he seems to be using the theremin to play samples but still great Melody and style and deserves props

betabox - 2018-04-11

It doesn't seem at all to be a theremin. You can definitely see that there's a light source and a light receptor being used as a trigger for the 'laser' sounds, and I see no relationship between distance and pitch.

Simillion - 2018-04-11

agreed, either weird type of theramin with software support making it a non-analog instrument at that point (i.e., not a theramin functionally) or just not a theramin, probably mislabeled video.

HonkeyKong - 2018-04-12

The video title is now Laser Harp which, by name alone, deserves 5 stars .

exy - 2019-04-10

This feels like the musical equivalent of waiting for someone to be about to stand up and you're all "stand up!" and then you tell a story about how you made them get up.

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