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Nominal - 2018-07-13

I know this is a huge dupe but I can't find the original.

poorwill - 2018-07-14

It's new to me and I'm so glad I caught this because hoooooooooly shiiiiiit

kingofthenothing - 2018-07-14

What... the fuck...

"My husband's the killer! But newsflash: he's not dead."

*grabs popcorn*

kingofthenothing - 2018-07-14

tag suggestions:

cause guess what
two boobs six butts
you know what

1394 - 2018-07-14

two boobs, six butts

Marlon Brawndo - 2018-07-14


Lady, you lost those a loooong time ago.

Gmork - 2018-07-14

Clap for him, because he protects you guys from people like me!


Nominal - 2018-07-14

2 years ago
I took the time to Translate this to the best of my knowledge using her words. It makes sense when you break it down actually and it sounds like she has a valid complaint that in all honesty should be addressed by the panel members.

1. She is talking about a movie. Called Arryo. You can see the trailer on youtube. It is about a rancher that goes vigilante is a small town to take on a corruption and the cartel that is causing problems in the town. ( She references this movie to try and link The actions of the concrete company (( The Cartel)) and the city council officials ( The political corruption)) that she is seeing. She distances herself from the shoot em up main character by saying she is not the rancher but her brother can be dangerous. A kind of subtle threat but her main message is they watch the movie and stop what she views as corruption.
2. The toilet paper is a reference to a YES My relatives were scoping you out and they say your toilet paper is scratchy in this building. This was aimed at proving that her relatives did scope the building out and anyone who worked in that building would know the toilet paper was bad. The toilet paper thing is essentially another veiled threat that was conveyed poorly.
3. She then points out the name and badge number of their security officer sitting in the back saying she is aware of his presence and the officer keeps the safe from her and the harm she wants to cause them.
4. The officer at some point eariler told her to filter her words down and not be so threatening. So she brought a pack of cigarettes as a filter. This serves the dual meaning of saying I may be filtered but I'm gonna make sure I'm still offensive to some to some people, which a cigarette can be.
5. I don't smoke....aka smoking kills people.. My brother smokes.. This again is a allusion to death and threat by her family members the same one mentioned earlier that scoped the place out.
6. The pink monkey is an allusion to her doing something good for the community( A hero) to help offset the damage caused to the children of the community by the panel ( The Villain) allowing the concrete plant to open up so close to a residential area. Basically she is in the right as she see's it.
7. The tits and asses is her responding to a personal insult she heard them saying about her from her an outside source and the name of the man and his business card is her way of showing them how she came to hear about the insults from the guys wife in New York.
8. She mentions her Attorney and the death of her step father most likely from a cause she believes is from the concrete plant and she holds to panel members responsible and plans to sue.
9. The marbles is a reference to the old saying " Some has lost their marbles" Basically you must of lost your marbles so here is some more cause only and idiot will approve the plans of a concrete plant 50ft from a residential home.
10. The hearing aide reference is her saying she is gonna buy them all hearing aids from her calling them so much and yelling at them. This again is a reference to her not going away on this issue and is committed to fighting it.
11. Asking Carl about the transcripts is I'm guessing her wanting to see the communications between the panel and the concrete company that took place when discussing the location of the plant. The transcripts are 6 hours long and she wants to know why she hasn't seen them yet despite asking so much.She must of put in a petition over a year ago to release those documents as legal they are required to do and they have not done so yet.
12. She then name drops two very good assumingly well known local attorneys she has working on this case, as proof she mentions past malpractices of that company that had to do with insurance fraud, welfare fraud and housing fraud and mentions structural damage evident in past projects that the company has worked on as a way to prove that the concrete company is not trustworthy and the panel is idiots for getting into bed with them/getting paid off by them.
13. She will be at every meeting and will not let them get away with the perceived injustice.
14. The panties. The first one is referencing of them as being a little pussy and not doing anything about the problem so he gets the pink ones. The green ones are for the guy that has probably been in change of handling her complaints as well as everyone else who's "panties got in a wad" cause of her persistence.
15. She made some money in the past posing for the book in the past as an underwear model or possible nude model and she made a lot of money off of said book, cause it is was popular in it's time. The point of mentioning that is that she has a lot of money saved up and she is willing to fight this fight as long as it takes.

Conclusion: She has a valid complaint I think. I hope my interpretation helps shed light on what appears to be valid but poorly articulated speech.

casualcollapse - 2018-07-15

stunning breakdown, thank you for taking the time to unpack this woman supposedly crazy rantings, in retrospect it does sound like she was making some kind of sense

Jimmy Labatt - 2018-07-15

All my stars for you, contextual one! Makes a great video even better.

Nominal - 2018-07-16

Twas a youtube comment, not I.

This woman is the Carrot Top of town hall meetings.

kingofthenothing - 2018-07-17

I guess when you fight the good fight for so long, you can't help but lose your goddamn mind.

Hooker - 2018-07-14

This is some quality poeTV right here.

gmol - 2018-07-14

The cadence sounds just like the helicopter guy (video seems dead):

Chancho - 2018-07-15


Old_Zircon - 2018-07-16

And they said prop comedy was dead!

rastarat - 2018-07-16

And here is a monkey, and no, you don't get it.

kingofthenothing - 2018-07-17

The city doesn't use real money.

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