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Cena_mark - 2018-08-10

Space Ghost shouldn't be giving him a platform.

garcet71283 - 2018-08-10

Alex Jones is a national treasure, of course he should be on Space Ghost.

Nikon - 2018-08-10

Ghost Planet is a privately-owned company and the owner can decide what material to show on his or her programs.

MongoMcMichael - 2018-10-07

Privately held? The Kentucky Nightmare Liquor Corporation is a publicly traded company. Dr. Worm says so.

Bebido - 2018-08-10

Gay for nuclear de-escalation.

decoy - 2018-08-10

Without saying a word Zorak says it all.

Maggot Brain - 2018-08-10


SolRo - 2018-08-10

Who the fuck is blackmailing you to start WW3? The four horsemen?

blue vein steel - 2018-08-10

Just he usual suspects: a cabal of "globalists" (Bezos, Musk, Obama, et al) that wants to wipe out 90% of the worlds population in order to usher in a techno-utopia that they will rule over for eternity in cyborg bodies

Shanghai Tippytap - 2018-08-10

ironically the extreme right seem the most prepared to wipe out a significant portion of the world's population

SolRo - 2018-08-10

The regular right is okay with it too as long as it’s Mexicans or mooslems getting killed

SolRo - 2018-08-10

Or communists

Or socialists

Or Africans

garcet71283 - 2018-08-11

The left seems to be tripping over themselves to start wars with russia and asia so i think we have the entire population of the world pretty much covered.

Mister Yuck - 2018-08-11

What are you talking about garcet?

SolRo - 2018-08-11

Starting wars with Russia, in the Middle East, etc. are apolitical initiatives pushed by the CIA/pentagon/state department. America’s government base objective is to keep the military industrial complex profitable no matter who is in office

Ugh - 2018-08-10

my heart

betamaxed - 2018-08-10

Sucking dick to prevent WWIII.. to own the libs?

SolRo - 2018-08-11

Sucking dick is its own reward, owning the libs is just a bonus.

Xenocide - 2018-08-11

Alex Jones on whisky is pretty risky.

But Alex Jones on beer, is afraid of the queers.

blue vein steel - 2018-08-11

Alex likes his grog like he likes his frogs; a little fruity

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