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Accidie - 2018-09-25

i missed this because of a hangover. Fear of missing out should have won that day.

Nominal - 2018-09-26

I can't hate the guy, but I never thought his stuff was that great. He was the first person with a decent singing voice and access to a recording studio who figured out how to replace popular song lyrics with names of food? Musical parody was still new I guess? People loved crap like Dickie Goodman and MAD's "Making Out" single.

Is there really anything in UHF that would be out of place in a Family Guy gag?

"See, it's Conan the LIbrarian, which sounds similar to 'barbarian' but are in fact two very contrasting things!"

Bisekrankas - 2018-09-26

That is true, but at the time of UHF the Family Guy type of gag was not very common (or was it? I was too young at the time to know for sure)

boner - 2018-09-26

I always loved Al, and his records have some very strong non-parody songs. His last tour was all non-parodies. Maybe his record company thought that only the parodies had commercial potential so that’s all you heard & saw on TV & radio. I don’t really know. He had an insane contract that was like 30 years long and only just completed it.

love - 2018-09-27

I was one of the dozens who saw UHF in the theater.
life changing.

bawbag - 2018-10-02

5 for Demento

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