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love - 2019-02-08

Not saying I'm in a position to judge anything between consenting adults, but what is up with dudes texting crotch shots.

kingofthenothing - 2019-02-08

Well, I mean, I've done it, but only after I was asked for it, by someone I already knew pretty well at that point. She'd sent me shots of everything on her end, so it was really only fair at that point.

I should say, though, that I wasn't having an affair, she was legal, I'm not in any position of power or prestige and I'm basically immune to extortion by virtue of being a broke nobody with less than 50 facebook friends.

This whole thing about Trump and the political hit job from the Enquirer is really, really screwed up. I have a feeling they "done fucked with the wrong motherfucker."

Old_Zircon - 2019-02-08

The bigger implications of Trump's involvement are pretty bad but I can't say I have any sympathy for Bezos.

Personally I'd like to see all three parties involved (Trump, Pecker and Bezos) go down but I doubt any of them will.

Old_Zircon - 2019-02-08

I'd also argue that between the two Bezos is has done a lot more harm to the world than Trump.

jangbones - 2019-02-08

I heard a theory today that all of it is "too big to be litigated", that all the crimes of Trump and all the crimes of giant companies and banks and countries... they can never come to light, because the entire system is predicated on rich people and institutions breaking laws in terrible ways, and justice would be too traumatic for the world

Old_Zircon - 2019-02-08

A few weeks ago a guy I know a bit through work was at some rich people party in NYC and met the translator who was in the room during the Trump campaign's meeting with the Russians. He (the translator) claims that everything Trump himself said and did was vague enough that it's probably never going to amount to anything legally, even if everyone else involved is indicted.

For what that's worth.

cognitivedissonance - 2019-02-08

I hope we get some raw Hollywood Babylon out of this. Unleash the beast, National Enquirer, or shut the fuck up.

Ocyrus - 2019-02-10

They're all douchebags, with big egos. One of them will fuck up (probably Trump) and will crash and burn.
When Trump faces impeachment, his mob will riot, forcing martial law, which Trump will use to suspend the Constitution. Then it's shit show time and WWIII is right around the corner.

Eat, drink, and be merry. Just bought myself a Mercedes roadster, and a case of Lagavulin Distiller's Reserve. Now's the time, boys, live it up!

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-02-10

So AMI dared to help hush women up who were going to go public with the fact that they are WHORES who slept with the president.

Yeah. I'm gonna say something you don't like. I don't give a fuck if he used campaign finances for whores. If that's the worst thing Trump has done, I give zero fucks.

I care about his actual financial crimes in screwing everyone over for 30 years, like construction workers and environmentalists and the many people duped into pyramid schemes he supported.

How FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL can you be to delight, Rachel, in going after Trump for his whores but feeling sorry for Jeff Bezos getting a divorce. That's okay, but how dare Trump take pleasure in Jeff Bezos divorce.

It's totally okay to take pleasure in someone else's misery over their personal sex life being in the public eye as long as you politically oppose them. If you don't, they are totally worthy of pity and sympathy.

Jeff Bezos is a piece of shit and the tabloids AMI own deserve to be nuked from orbit. There are no winners here.

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