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simon666 - 2019-03-06

I hadn't thought about the Ireland/Northern Ireland border. Stars for learning something.

The Mothership - 2019-03-07

I personally cannot wait for a disastrous Brexit. Then I can visit my favourite country and take advantage of a great exchange rate, an economy desperate for my tourist dollars, and the satisfaction of telling all my family and friends that "I told you so".

Caminante Nocturno - 2019-03-07

Don't forget the satisfaction you'll feel from getting beaten to death by a migrant gang.

SolRo - 2019-03-07

But brexit will get rid of every immigrant, the bus promised!

The Mothership - 2019-03-09

Like the USA, immigrants are the best thing that ever happened to Britain.

15th - 2019-03-07

Kinda nice to see a western country democratically attempt to increase their sovereignty. Of course it might not work.

Capitilist-critical, faux socialists that vehtimently defend globalism are funny. A lot funnier than John Oliver.

Bisekrankas - 2019-03-08

I never got why globalism is considered a strictly leftist concept.

Does globalism not also include low tariff, free trade between nations which is something neoliberalists relly enjoy pushing for?

At least that was a big talking point from the right wing here when we voted about going into the EU

Hazelnut - 2019-03-08

There was nothing democratic about the Brexit referendum or all the shit that came after, and it's the biggest loss of sovereignty the UK has ever seen.

Our right wing friends like to criticize anyone who doesn't drink turpentine as "elitist". I believe the dignified response is "eat shit, cuck."

15th - 2019-03-08

It was put up to vote, apparently the majority of Brits wanted it. Has "democratic" and "sovereignty" undergone an official definition change, or just in your mind?

If they repeal it, despite the vote , thatd be a super progressive slam dunk on the fat cats.

20$ minimum wage one month - unbridled, nationless laissez-faire capitalism the next.

Mainline some more reddit and shit propagandanic "comedy."

SolRo - 2019-03-09

Now that polling suggest the majority in the U.K. don’t want brexit anymore suddenly letting them vote for it would be against the will of the people -head explode-

Hazelnut - 2019-03-09

They had "votes" in the Soviet Union too. Putin ran a cute little referendum in Crimea just a few years back. Democracy means giving people a legit choice. In this case people were given no information what they were voting for -- right up to the date politicians were saying a 'Leave' vote wouldn't mean we actually leave the EU, just that the EU would have to offer more goodies to keep us in. The evidence has come in that Russian money and hacking piled in on the Leave side as well, just like in another 2016 election.

I assume "15th" here means "the 15th sock puppet account of bawbag / Enjoy / whoever". Go eat shit.

15th - 2019-03-09

They didn't know leave meant leave. Yeah, they really could have worded it better.

I thought they were talking about just nullifying it, not re- voting. If that's the case, I'll issue an official retraction.

I'm not enjoy or anyone else. What?

Bawbag?! I argued with him about everything. He might have my location triangulated, but he never called me a cuck and told me to eat shit. Made my heart have a tummy ache..

Hazelnut - 2019-03-10

Yeah, you're Bawbag.

15th - 2019-03-08

Bonus points if rat-clown made you suddenly, passionately concerned with preserving Britians colonial legacy in Ireland. Very liberal.

My backwards thinking is that they can fuck off out of Ireland. I'm sure the Irish would appreciate it - not that it matters, of course.

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