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duck&cover - 2019-04-24

Maybe it's low blood sugar.

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-04-24



Raggamuffin - 2019-04-24

Constantly-Out-of-Her-League Woman!

Marlon Brawndo - 2019-04-25

She can barely get through her day with a single bound!

Anaxagoras - 2019-04-24

She's pretty. That's her superpower.

Killer Joe - 2019-04-24


Nominal - 2019-04-25

Not nearly as useless as the Professor.

I think 3/4ths of this cartoon was both of them fainting.

Christ this cartoon has not held up. I can't think of a single X-men cartoon since then that hasn't blown it out of the water.

Apocalypse was the only cool part.

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