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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2019-08-09

This guy would be so lame.. if he didnt have all those super-cool weapons!

Born in the RSR - 2019-08-09

Someone needs to photoshop giant double-dongers and butt-plugs instead of guns in this video.

TeenerTot - 2019-08-09

"I don't care about your feelings. I only care about my daughter."

No. No you don't.

IrishWhiskey - 2019-08-09

He means as a possession. I think that was pretty clear when he said "She Is MY PRINCESS, Not Your Conquest"

I don't think you can get any more explicit than that about "She's my trophy until you fuck her, at which point she's worthless to me and you take over ownership."

glasseye - 2019-08-09

"User Agreement"

Cena_mark - 2019-08-09

He's terrified of his daughter's autonomy

Ugh - 2019-08-09

her hymen is mine men

Shanghai Tippytap - 2019-08-09

he is trying to do something that he saw a cool kid do but he’s too clumsy and awkward to do it right

Robin Kestrel - 2019-08-10

Do your daughter’s bras hook from the back or the front? Asking for a friend.

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