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blue vein steel - 2019-08-21

In 2019, i think you actually have to try to make CGI look this bad. Webshows made with Gary's Mod look better.

snothouse - 2019-08-21

The only camera move worth using is the "slow drift".

Boomer The Dog - 2019-08-22

I just finished watching the movie, and there's credit to about 80 people who worked on it. Is it a student picture or new team? I haven't found more about the production so far.

Lots of things are odd about the movie, the timing of the dialog, repeated movements and stances of the characters, houses 'floating' due to the CGI.

I think what we're seeing is an effect of the digital media landscape right now, where every digital company is trying to acquire as many movies and TV shows as it can, to have the most titles in their stores.

If anything, it gives me inspiration that I could make a movie, and you might like it on B-movie night. If you've written a screenplay, now is the time to shop it around!


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