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Desc:The Megatherium finally rouses from its Snorlax like slumber...
Category:Business, Video Games
Tags:Epic, China, valve, SidAlpha, Tencent
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CowboyHenk - 2019-09-10

The guy made an update video saying that the delivery clause was already in their agreement at least as early as 2017. Instead of taking down this video, which is completely pointless now, he just made the update video.

Nominal - 2019-09-11

Epic Store's business model: offer absolutely nothing to the consumer over Steam (and a much, MUCH worse interface, friend features, etc) while throwing tons of money around for forced exclusives.

Streaming services and digital downloads are in this weird spot where they've gotten increasingly anti-consumer as competition has increased.

SolRo - 2019-09-11

Anyone with half a brain should have seen it coming 15 years ago.

In another 10 years, after each media conglomerate has finished splintering their content to the smallest divisible portions, they’ll start introducing revolutionary discounted bundles of streaming subscriptions. Possibly with a “basic” streaming bundle with “premium” bundles you can add to the monthly fee. There may even be a set of completely free stream Bundles that will be entirely ad supported.

(Interestingly games have already started going that way, with various subscriptions offering access to libraries of older games. And supposedly when/if cloud gaming takes off [again] it will be based on monthly subscriptions to access even new releases)

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