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The Mothership - 2019-10-02

I can't stand this 'gotcha journalism', where professional psychologist celebrities corner defenseless drunks on duty at the very job they work at, and they work for the professional psychologist celebrity.

Too perfect, I call inside job.

Chicken the Did - 2019-10-02

This guy really does use a lot of the 'abuser's playbook' lines like "All my friends know what I'm like!" He seems like he's legitimately a shitty person like one of those professional types who's an absolute nightmare to work for and be around. Because he's the top dog and he's gonna let you know it! The kind that thinks wearing big boy pants and a nice degree gives him an excuse to call the lady at Subway a c*nt.

And I saw this behavior first hand at my office a few years ago. We have a cafe that serves hot foods till 3pm. At around three this suit from upstairs is in front of me in line. He asks for a cheeseburger. The lady told him they were out. He looked at her and snarled "That.s the whole reason I came down here you bitch." and stormed off. Look at me, I'm the Alpha and I can shit on people! Kudos to Dr. Phil for calling that awful behavior out.

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