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casualcollapse - 2019-11-13

That smooch sealed the deal..

CloudLeonhart - 2019-11-13

That and Jake Hager's fiery promo really knocked it out the park.

casualcollapse - 2019-11-13

Hi Cloud.. You look new..or you just used to never comment.. Anyways HIII!

CloudLeonhart - 2019-11-13

HI Casual! actually I'm not new at all technically, I use to post here years ago but I forgot my password and used a Hotmail account that I barely used, so eventually it was I guess deactivated(?), So I couldn't access that to get to the password reset link when I emailed Support initially.

So I just lurked and still visited this site for the past several years before I said fuck it and created a new account, as I did miss posting, voting and commenting with you all. I suppose I waited so long because I really like my initial handle and all the videos I had in my favorites.

That said its good to be back!

Stopheles - 2019-11-14

It's like if WCW Jericho had been able to develop into a legend without ever going to the WWF.

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