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Mister Yuck - 2019-12-17

A sub-culture formed around anti-conformity, rule breaking, and celebrating the outsider matures, gains a certain notoriety that makes it attractive to the public, and then has form elaborate rules by which its members can establish their authenticity. Two generations pass, then this happens.

Adham Nu'man - 2019-12-17

A lot of people fought hard to make that TV show about an imaginary biker gang, so I am here threatening kids to make sure their integrity is preserved.

Lef - 2019-12-17

Is this a modern ad for yellow branded cigarettes?

Or a schizophrenia PSA?

Raggamuffin - 2019-12-17

bikers are now cops

BHWW - 2019-12-17

This lump is probably yet another boomer who has a patch on their leathers saying they belong to some club that gets out for Sunday morning breakfast runs, yet another bunch of fat losers for whomst their Harleys are props to Live Action Role Play as bad ass counter culture warriors after a life of soaking up the front end benefits of corporate America's looting spree.

BHWW - 2019-12-17

As a side note, I've seen several boomers on Polaris Slingshot three-wheeled vehicles lately. It's the saddest sight imaginable, but I'm glad to see they found something sillier than Harley Davidson motorcycles to ride around on.

yogarfield - 2019-12-17

The filmer is absolutely 100% a RUB. I would bet his 401k on it.

Nominal - 2019-12-18

Boomers are the worst. Handed the most prosperous working class conditions IN HUMAN HISTORY and cashed it out to hand back the worst conditions since the great depression.

Ugh - 2019-12-17

some men ride for sport
others ride with tude

the only thing i'm riding for
is an outfit that looks gooooooood

shame his vest
shame his vest
on decorum i shall rest

Simillion - 2019-12-17

That guy took it very calmly and well. Got good nerve in him.

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2019-12-17

"I should take it from you right now."
"It's the Fonz's jacket from Happy Days."
"I'm sure some real biker's gonna make your neck smile. You think it's funny, jumping the shark? Well, sharks are gonna jump you."

That guy - 2019-12-19

five of them

Cena_mark - 2019-12-19

It's cultural appropriation. The guy utilizing the cultural collateral of a culture he isnt a part of. It's how I feel when I see non-sailors sporting sailor tattoos.

That guy - 2019-12-19

w u t

That guy - 2019-12-19

So if somebody had a Popeye tattoo you'd go beat him up right.

Ok thanks, that's all I wanted to know.

love - 2019-12-19

Mine's more like a "Hello, sailor" tattoo than a "sailor" tattoo

Cena_mark - 2019-12-20

For example, the swallow tattoos. I've seen many a hipster sporting those. Traditionally each swallow represents 5,000 nautical miles traveled at sea. They didn't put in the hard work at sea, they just flipped through a book at a tattoo studio and thought the swallow looked cool.

That guy - 2019-12-28

Airtight analogy there, Popeye.

kamlem - 2019-12-19

Me: You see those cameras up there?
Boomer: Yep.
Me: Go fuck yourself.

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