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duck&cover - 2020-01-05

Trying real hard to polish that turd.

poorwill - 2020-01-05

i mean, it is terrible, but it's shockingly good considering what there was to work with - the tech is really impressive.

Cena_mark - 2020-01-08

I could see this being very helpful to the animation industry.

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2020-01-05

Imagine if Nolan Bushnell saw THIS in 1985. He could have been inspired to buy Kadabrascope back from Lucasfilm...or he would have more likely started a karaoke chain with a vague wish fulfillment/police state fusion theme.

pizzamerica - 2020-01-05

It's somehow worse, especially the fall at 2:40

BHWW - 2020-01-05

This was loosely based on a manga by the creator/director Satomi Mikuriya, who had a few hit manga in the 1970s and 1980s. Among these were some short mangas about "Nora", a brash, sassy and frankly funny and somewhat adorable blonde heroine in a somewhat grim future world - the 2010 or 2020s or whatever as seen from the 1980s. Mikuriya decided he wanted to move into anime production, there was a previous OVA featuring Nora as she vacations at a resort space station when the artificial gravity fails, thanks to a rogue AI set off by it's creator. It was light fun and when I saw this nonsense I believed I was going to see more of the same. Instead, what we got was this crap. Mikuriya sort of just slid off into obscurity after a while.

betamaxed - 2020-01-06

This is so undoubtedly weird that it hurts my brain to look at it. 5 stars.

Killer Joe - 2020-01-07

So is it kinda 'morphing' between frame A and B? Is it the automation that makes it a big deal?

SolRo - 2020-01-08

Mostly? When done well in the right places it looks pretty neat.

It also works better on animation that starts with a higher frame rate so the morphing is less noticeable

But the goal would be to get it good enough that it looks like there were 60 frames per second actually drawn and movement is completely fluid rather than “morphy”

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