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casualcollapse - 2020-01-20


casualcollapse - 2020-01-20

Marlon Brando you get a pass 😂

Cena_mark - 2020-01-20

Man-babies on parade.

Hazelnut - 2020-01-20

Imagine the mentality where you give away your health care, your job security, your children's hopes for a good future all for a mess of swampy pottage... but try to stop school shootings? THAT'S their hill to die on.

Or kill on, increasingly often.

Cena_mark - 2020-01-20

Guns give them the illusion of freedom. The Republicans will take every right and dignity from them, but let them keep their shooty toys. The sad thing is the GOP knows that the guns will never be used against them no matter how tyrannical they may become. Instead those guns will be wielded against those protesting. The 2nd Amendment has been a tool of tyranny, it armed the slave militias and the KKK. It armed the Hells Angels as they kicked the shit out anti-war protesters.

Nominal - 2020-01-21

Freedom is just the excuse. The heart of it they want the power trip of intimidating others into kowtowing. That's the whole point of those retarded open carry groups who film themselves walking around stores with assault rifles*. They're such losers with lives so devoid of any kind of win that brandishing guns is the only sense of self esteem and they have and their only hope of forcing respect out of others (...at gunpoint).

The secret to conservatism is they don't care how badly they get robbed and swindled, just as long as there's someone below them. Preferably someone they can hurt. They care more about twisting the boot on someone's neck than they do about their own well being. That's why they'll trade away their own self interests to keep racist institutions alive, keep an arsenal of guns, dismantle social safety nets, or anything else to "own the libs" and prove they're #winning.

Albuquerque Halsey - 2020-01-20

Spoiler: it wasn't

BHWW - 2020-01-20

This was the "Joker opening weekend" of political rallies, where more than a few journos and pundits were practically slavering over the thought of violence breaking out and after nothing happens will spend the next several months trying to justify the panic they helped whip up

Cena_mark - 2020-01-20

To be fair there were many arrests prior to the rally of those who were going to incite violence.

Just remember when the Black Panthers marched on a state capital with guns Reagan and the NRA became suddenly in favor of gun control.

Nominal - 2020-01-21

A big video that was making the rounds in wingnut circles was the uniformed Black Panther member opening doors for people at a polling station.


And these fucking needle dicks "responsibly" brandishing assault rifles in front of lawmakers they don't like.

Accidie - 2020-01-21

i feel like this is more of a slow news week kinda topic. A buncha people rallied, without real incident, for a principle they believe in.
Am i missing something? this was not a unite the right rally.

Nominal - 2020-01-21

Their principle is utter garbage that leads to needless and tragic deaths all so they can jack off to fantasies of shooting Redcoats and Negroes. It's causing real harm and death for benefits that are as worthless as they are imaginary.

Do you really not see the fucking implication and message behind showing up visibly armed and en masse to walk around lawmakers you're telling to change their mind? What if Sarah Palin put up another website with crosshairs on them? Would it be obvious enough then?

Cena_mark - 2020-01-21

The new gun laws they're protesting are totally sensible. One limits hand gun purchases to one a month. This is important to prevent smuggling up the iron highway. Another allows localities to ban guns from events if they choose to do so. One requires background checks on all private transfers of firearms. The gun nuts have had their way for the last 20 years, and now one state passes a few sensible gun laws and they freak out. Fuck these spoiled suburban commandos and their security blankets.

betabox - 2020-01-23

MMhmm. Insane gun-nuts have driven this country to unprecedented levels of senseless violence. To publicize this fact is only something one would do on a slow news day, when there are so many more important issues to discuss -- like the Kardashians latest pool party.


Accidie - 2020-01-28

I didn't say i was pro-gun, i just hardly think gun rights whackjobs wandering around is not news in america.

touchy touchy people

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