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That guy - 2020-07-07

Honestly this would have been better with adults. You can hear how the 17, 19 and 20 year olds read this well and that drops off pretty hard with the younger kids.
Also the metaphysics of 'whiteness' and 'blackness' are seeping into people's ways of thinking e.g. 6:05-6:30, and I don't see how that's at all constructive.

Lef - 2020-07-07

I'm happy to hear the speech. The metaphysics of blackness and whiteness has been with our language for a longtime.

6:30-6:40, constructive, and acknowledgment of change, leading to hope?

That guy - 2020-07-07

I'm not saying it's all bad. I'm saying it gets tangled with the resentment and a metaphysic/religion/ideology starts to form around 'white oppression', 'black joy' etc. There's a really negative side to this.

I'm also not criticizing the whole damn civil rights movement in 2020 by any means.

>>>The metaphysics of blackness and whiteness has been with our language for a longtime.

Yeah, not good. But this kid isn't getting it from that.

Hazelnut - 2020-07-08

Metaphysics my ass. Slavery was real. Systematic oppression is real. The problem here isn't black 'resentment' it's the obscene crimes still perpetrated against black Americans. (Not that the problem is limited to the States by any means, but the States has taken it to an atrocious degreee of violence-with-impunity.)

That guy - 2020-07-08

Oh of course, Hazelnut comes charging in deliberately misconstruing what I was saying, as if I climbed up on a sopabox and said "Slavery wasn't real!".

More than one thing can be true Hazelnut. You've been hanging out with Solro for too long. I can criticize this as an imperfect piece of video with a whiff of dumb ideas in it and still be for the cause, you stupid puritan.
Why this knee-jerking in modern life? Thanks social media. Jesus fucking christ.

Hazelnut - 2020-07-09

Bit ironic there: first complaining that blacks have 'metaphysics' of 'resentment', then when questioned launching immediately into a tear-stained pity party. You poor misunderstood baby. You're the REAL victim, aren't you.

That guy - 2020-07-09

jesus, it's just the same fucking piss-poor rhetorical moves from you lot on here isn't it?

Racism and our country's history can be terrible without every last video about it being 10/10 or every last take on it being great.
I know that's too subtle for the retarded, so all I can say is that you're doing a great job and don't forget to wear your helmet.

Hazelnut - 2020-07-09

Calm. Down.

If you feel misunderstood, kindly explain what you mean. Otherwise, you’re just being a far more thin-skinned, bitchy example of ‘resentment’ than anyone in this video.

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