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Chicken the Did - 2020-07-06

It's all due to the hilariously 'Decepticon' kind of social hierarchy that exists in the US.

The American social hierarchy is one of dominating others and viciously abusing subordinates. That gets you respect in many circles. Like you are supposed to abuse people in the service industry because that is their lot in the whole pecking order or some shit. Makes you a 'badass' or whatever.

And whites, who exist at the top of this pecking order are used to GIVING orders. Not taking them. They tell you what to do, when to do it and in what quantities. But ain't nobody telling them shit!

So now that they have to wear masks in public places they are losing their god damned minds. Because wearing the masks is kind of like eating your broccoli. We all have to do it. It's uncomfortable but a Hell of a lot better than having a tube down your throat. And that alone should motivate a person to wear one. But not these idiots. No one tells them what to do! Even if it is something that should be as basic as 'don't lick roadkill' or 'don't go into a bank waving a gun and asking random customers if they know how to un-jam it'.

love - 2020-07-06

I so want some governors to issue bans on licking roadkill now.

Nominal - 2020-07-06

The whole "What's the Matter with Kansas" phenomenon goes back to the desperate need to have people "below" you. There's people who measure their lot in life by their own success and status, and there's people who don't care hows shitty their lot in life is as long as there's still someone "below" them. Take that away, and you take away their only comforting thought in life.

It's why red states are happy to support politicians who take away their healthcare, or strip away all workers rights, as long as they get to stomp the boot on minorities. It's why poor southern whites who would never afford a slave were so desperate to defend slavery.

SolRo - 2020-07-06

Americans are the strangest animals.

A service industry employee will hate how customers treat them and as soon as they’re off the clock they’ll go vent at their local fast food worker.

Crackersmack - 2020-07-06

Red states tend to support politicians that "take away their healthcare and strip away worker's rights" because that's the only choice they are given in many cases. It's a Republican that agress with you on dumb culture war shit or a Democrat that doesn't. Neither side is offering real material improvements.

If you are only allowed two options and one side isn't interested in you at all except as a population of cheap labor to exploit and police, and the other side tells you that your problems are real but are the fault of minorities, by default many people go to the side that at least pretends to give a shit.

Nobody is going out there and voting against M4A to stick it to Black folks. Nobody is turning down legitimate offers of help due to just blind racism. What we have is two near-identical parties playing good cop/bad cop.

Nominal - 2020-07-07

Democrats offer no material improvements over Republicans.

More Crackersmack grade idiocy.

SolRo - 2020-07-07

“Democrats are just using black people!!!” -republican idiots/crackersmack

ashtar. - 2020-07-09

Google a graph of the US Gini-coefficient.

Note how it doesn't go down under Democrats and up under Republicans, but instead goes up under Republicans and also up under Democrats.

This isn't hidden, nor hard to grasp.

Cena_mark - 2020-07-06

The cops confront her from the comfort of her own house instead of choking her to death on the sidewalk. White privilege.

SolRo - 2020-07-06

Really should have gone in the middle of the night and broken down their back door without warning

JesusKhan - 2020-07-06

I hope the cuffs scratched the shit out of her $40,000 rolex

Binro the Heretic - 2020-07-08

Here's that attention you wanted...

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