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betamaxed - 2020-07-22

Auto 5 for the Sega Saturn aka the best console ever.

Old_Zircon - 2020-07-22

I'm so in to golf games lately. I've been playing a game or two Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf on the NES almost every day for a month, I picked up the original PC version of The Golf Club this evening and I'm thinking about getting Mario Golf for the N64. If I had a working SNES I'd trade them all for Kirby's Dream Course, though.

exy - 2020-07-22

I played like PGA Links 386 or whatever it was called, 'way back, and that wasn't much fun for someone who grew up hating golf. (Quick shoutout to Carmel city beach, right next to this golf course, where I spent many an hour.) But I played Mario Golf on the gamecube, and it was fun enough that I bought the wii version too.

But if you're rocking an n64, it's fucking mario tennis or go home. The n64 version of that game is the absofuckinglutely best version of pong that ever pinged.

casualcollapse - 2020-07-23

Have you considered emulating it?

Old_Zircon - 2020-07-23

Emulation killed my love for old games for years. USB latency.

casualcollapse - 2020-07-24

This article is pretty dated but it shows around 2 years ago retroarch really punched up the getting rid of the latency problem https://bit.ly/2ZWq7OI

casualcollapse - 2020-07-23

"think you can get it inside mine"

Oh I'm sure I can daddy

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