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crasspm - 2020-07-22

the Best of the Worst coverage of this was golden

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2020-07-22

RLMS discussion of this made me cringe. Their time at film-school was showing. They were searching for meaning, or a message, as if all art needs that, which strikes me as an incredibly stupid idea.
If you have some meaning or message, some socio-political-economic view or whatever, to get across. You can write it down very clearly and tersely as an essay and even include data, media, and links to supporting evidence.
Awkwardly jamming it into some art (say music, for example) is gonna present your idea unclearly, in a highly suboptimal way. Lets say the music you make is directly based on your ideas, but the process is not reversible, listeners cant turn the music back into your ideas, theres practically infinite interpretations of the music itself so the likelihood of anyone making the right interpretation is practically zero. .. Also your gonna dilute / mess up the music itself and its going to be inferior.

I came across this in architecture, architects attempt to bake meaning into their buildings. Other architects totally get it and reallly appreciate it. Of course they would never have guessed the meaning from the building itself in a million years, they read yer mans book and magazine articles that he wrote about it of course.
How about instead of designing a fucked up carbon hungry sick-building as a result of trying to fruitlessly encode meaning into it, you design the building to be as pleasant and practical as possible, and in the lobby you can have a stack of business cards with whatever message you want to get across clearly written on each one, each visitor can take one.

I dunno if 'Turtle Dreams' has a message or not, maybe Meredith Monk is a moron and in her head the thing is loaded with meaning. But, having seen some of it, and using occams razor, I will take the favourable point of view and assume it has no meaning and wasnt intended to have any. Which would be *fine*. Its fine to have some nice minimal music and minimal dance and some weird images. Just some pleasingly arranged stuff that u can enjoy via your various head-holes.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2020-07-22

Anyway humanities courses seem to *drill* the idea that all art needs meaning into peoples heads.
Other good ones Ive noticed are.
1. Something new or novel is impossible.
2. When you write something it should be as long as freakin' possible. Gotta hit that min word count (srsly why the fuck do they teach people to do this? They shoud have a max word count)

ps. I've completed a humanities course (architecture) so i've seen this shit 1st hand.

pps. Yes this is a long internet comment, but a humanities undergrad would have rendered the same content as a 5000 word essay.

boner - 2020-07-22

The title of the video says "Fixed Audio", but I'm not so sure about that.

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