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Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2020-08-07

I don't like wrestling or Star Wars, but this is great.

That guy - 2020-08-07

wrestling and star wars

Diligence - 2020-08-08

wrestling and star wars

casualcollapse - 2020-12-31

The post that broke TG!

ashtar. - 2021-08-13

I miss you TG. People need to know that star wars sucks.

casualcollapse - 2022-06-02

I used to be on the fence but now I realize Star wars really does suck

SolRo - 2020-08-07

Two overly dramatic things mix well together

Cena_mark - 2020-08-08

Randy Savage wasnt overdramatic. Hulk Hogan went too far.

exy - 2020-08-07

this suggests quite an improvement to the storyline

duck&cover - 2020-08-07

Whacks Luke in the head with a folding chair.

teethsalad - 2020-08-08

better without all those stars warring with one another

RIP macho

casualcollapse - 2020-12-31

I'm just so tired of these Star wars...

crasspm - 2020-08-08

wow guys staaaaaaaar waaaaaaars!!!

Cena_mark - 2020-08-09

Wow guys Wrestling!!!!!

The Mothership - 2020-11-09


casualcollapse - 2021-09-16

its been a year THAT GUY , its safe now

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