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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2020-10-28

I sincerely hope ya'll have seen Blackadder. Arguably one of the best tv shows ever*

(Season 1 is a bit shit though as far as I remember, ye dont need to watch that one.)

simon666 - 2020-10-28

I haven't seen it, though I've heard of it. I'll give it a look-see!

Anaxagoras - 2020-10-29

Man, I've sampled episodes in just about every Black Adder series, and I just keep bouncing right off it. I love Rowan Atkinson: Mr. Bean is awesome, and his "stand-up" (or whatever you call the stuff in this clip is even better. Hugh Laurie is usually good for a laugh. And the other actors involved are also really good. But the series itself.... meh. It's something about the writing that rubs me the wrong way; the jokes & pace seem so plodding. *shrug*

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