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Violet Intents - 2021-01-10

Klaus's expression is the best devoid of any intelligence face and I never cease to lose my shit with laughter anytime this scene comes up whenever I watch Top Secret! Holds up pretty well to this day.

Nominal - 2021-01-10

Back when the New York Post was the only major unhinged right publication around.

Fox-Pixar Media - 2021-01-11

Same people that did Airplane!

Weird but obscure

love - 2021-01-11

top secret has a special place in my heart, when I was a wee lad my mom, the most straight laced lady on the planet, took me to see Gremlins. about 10 or fifteen minutes in we bailed and snuck into the next theatre just as the skeet surfing started, we both loved top secret. still haven't seen gremlins.

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