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SolRo - 2021-01-16

Essential workers represent!

How you enjoying risking your health/life to keep the economy running?

Getting that weird jealousy when the media only praises grocery workers like food is the only thing keeping society functioning?

And then the hit of guilt because you still have a job and in America that is the only thing that will keep you off the streets.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2021-01-17

This video confuses me..

I *think* the message is supposed to be that despite the fact that his job is not deemed essential, according to him he actually is "essential" cus he's a regular joe who supports his kids, and therefore should be able to walk around anywhere and do what he wants without a mask.
And mean mr. cop is trying to curtail his freedoms.

But like 60% of the video is him dressed in a cop uniform, he seems to really like it... so he's a cop?? what?

Also why is he so fucking red?? Like, if he spends a lot of time in the sun you'd expect him to have a tan. It looks like he has never been in the sun and just went out for the 1st time the day before shooting the video and got super sunburned.

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