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Hazelnut - 2021-01-31

Watched it through this afternoon. It's worth watching.

It's a made-for-TV movie and of course it shows: 4:3 aspect ratio, washed-out colors, fades to black for commercial breaks, a few weak side actors, simplifications of the legal case, dull music and a rushed ending. But for all that it's really well put together. You can tell everyone involved cared deeply. Leonard Nimoy carries the film; it's the best performance I've ever seen him give. He's one of those who acts best with his voice and that voice does wonders here. Nuanced, human. It's surprisingly painful to watch Spock break down.

Also at 22:00 don't miss the mayor from Ghostbusters.

I want to highlight the part at 49:55 where the denier accuses Jews of using the Holocaust "to squeeze blood, money, and sympathy out of patriotic Americans for Jewish causes." You still hear that today. It was bullshit then and it's bullshit now.

jangbones - 2021-01-31

yeah, I am watching it too

good review, and worth seeing for all its weaknesses

betamaxed - 2021-02-01

5 stars for not just nimoy's performance but coleman's as well.

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