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Boomer The Dog - 2021-04-09

Awesome out of whatever context it was in.

That baboon's face looks like a Poodle's face.

love - 2021-04-09

baboon's name is/was (I don't know how long baboons live)
typhoon and apparantly he/she/it was in the 80's version of the fly -

duck&cover - 2021-04-09

Baboon platoon. It's a scene from Order of the Black Eagle (1987).

Hazelnut - 2021-04-10

Same film where they ran over some poor stuntman's face

Nominal - 2021-04-10

Also in Unmasking the Idol, the same director's previous movie.

Meerkat - 2021-04-09

It really should have been Baboon-sized Nazis. BabooNazis.

exy - 2021-04-09

Now I need some Nazi Moon Baboons.

Rosebeekee - 2021-04-10


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