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Binro the Heretic - 2021-04-15

The people coming to our border from South America are a direct result of the Obama administrations failure to act down there.

SolRo - 2021-04-15

I’d like to know which American presidents -don’t- share responsibility for the destabilized mess that is South America.

casualcollapse - 2021-04-15

Blanket statements like that... I take completely and absolutely at face value 🤣🤣

Cena_mark - 2021-04-15

Stems way back to the banana wars

Binro the Heretic - 2021-04-16

The Obama administration responded weakly to the US-backed military coup in Honduras.

The bulk of people coming to the border now are coming from that region.

Nominal - 2021-04-19

It's a new Crackersmack!

Oh, Binro

ashtar. - 2021-04-19

It's sort of comical how much of a Warmbo some of you guys are.

Hazelnut - 2021-04-20

Those are two seriously punchable faces in the preload image

Simillion - 2021-04-15

it'd be better to be more considerate of immigrants and their lives. the intentional death-trapping of the border is sick and inhumane and needs to stop. good quick summary of it without fluff or bullshit injected into the middle of the video, 5 stars.

SolRo - 2021-04-16

Would be nice if the UN just made a show gesture to admonish the US for literally trying to kill literal asylum seeking refugees.

Maybe that’s one reason they’re almost universally referenced as immigrants rather than refugees...

Marlon Brawndo - 2021-04-16

The left has absolutely no fucking plan for the border at all, and Obama/Biden put kids in cages. The hypocrisy is beyond obvious and it's almost laughably evil that almost the entire media lies for them.

SolRo - 2021-04-16

Hurf Derp too you, my good sir.

ashtar. - 2021-04-19

Vet people that want to come here to make sure they are who they say they are and they're not felons and then let them become citizens or work as aliens and then go back home.

It's not complicated. The arguments against this are 1) easily disproven, or 2) based on the desire for a white ethnostate.

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