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SolRo - 2021-04-29

The biggest conspiracies are often hidden in plain sight!

Hazelnut - 2021-04-30

Reminds me of the dimwitted Tea Part activists back when that was a thing, shouting ‘Get the government out of my Medicare!’

Nominal - 2021-04-30

I absolutely can't watch any of the old X-Files ufo conspiracy episodes anymore.

Conspiracy theorists went from amusing, to annoying, to impedimental, to actively dangerous.

Hazelnut - 2021-05-01

You can even put dates on it - amusing in the Clinton era, annoying under Dubya, impedimental under Obama, actively dangerous from 2016.

Rafiki - 2021-05-01

That also tracks with the proliferation of internet access.

I have this longstanding unfounded "theory" that the internet has made people more paranoid. This isn't specific to conspiracy theories, just in general. People with anxiety disorder have been able to get on the internet and infect everyone with their disease, so now people are becoming terrified of everything.

Ugh - 2021-05-04

there's got to be a mathematical formula or two that can help us decipher the population point that causes a hug box or echo chamber to reach critical mass

like, what, thirty years ago you'd get ~six dudes at an elks lodge discussing the one world government concept with varying degrees of skepticism, whereas now each one of those assholes has a large enough youtube audience to warrant a call to the fire marshal regarding occupancy limits in the same scenario

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2021-05-01

Here's my take on this:

Natalie Wynn (contrapoints) has suggested that the essential experience of bigotry is to "feel threatened". Since Nixon, the Republican establishment has used bigotry to manipulate its base, to gain and maintain power. The rise of social media has allowed even more irresponsible amoral and unhinged forces, forces with less to lose, to get their hands on the levers, and the Republican establishment is now the one being led by the nose, and they know it, but that changes nothing. Trump was the tipping point. For a good case study, see the empty space formerly occupied by Lindsey Graham.

In moments of detachment, it's possible to be amused at the painful spectacle of the Republican power brokers, telling obvious lies in front of the majority who sees them clearly. Even corporate America is turning on them. Two things are clear. They are losing power, and they will do ANYTHING to keep power. This isn't over.

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