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Lef - 2021-05-03

pity about the tits

Sputum - 2021-05-04

I think, in this case, the breast implants make sense. It fits with her worldview of embracing and owning all things artificial.

Mister Yuck - 2021-05-04

They look debilitating. They're in the way of her arms.

duck&cover - 2021-05-04

They got missiles in 'em for self defense.

Prosthetic_mind - 2021-05-04

http://www.queermango.com/5076/understanding-toms-dees-lesbians-th ailand-everything-always-wanted-know/
It's an east asian lesbian thing.It doesn't match my set of aesthetics but they're for her, not for us.

Mister Yuck - 2021-05-04

Neat article! Thank you. I figured those titties were for the YouTube views, I'm glad they're for fun not part of her job.

Xenocide - 2021-05-04

Titty about the pits.

They look debilitating. How will she defend herself against enemy attack? What if she needs to use both arms to webswing away from danger and her spider-sense doesn't warn her in time that a titty is going to smack her in the face? Doctor Octopus will destroy New York thanks to those titties.

Xenocide - 2021-05-04

(okay, but for real, thanks Prosthetic Mind for the excellent article. That site is great, shame it doesn't seem to update anymore.)

Prosthetic_mind - 2021-05-04

She did a coming out video a few years ago where she explained it and included that link, but I think she took it down or unlisted it since then. There are plenty of videos on her channel of gay bars though and it's part of the description on a lot of those.

jfcaron_ca - 2021-05-05

If you're interested in her personal/boob life there are three very detailed medium articles by her: https://medium.com/@therealsexycyborg

It's quite a journey and doesn't look fun. She's stronger-willed than I would ever be.

jfcaron_ca - 2021-05-04

Are ultrasonic emitters always directional? I guess the ultrasounds would not pass through your body, so even a pointlike omnidirectional emitter wouldn't cover 4pi steradians, but you could get away with just two (maybe on shoulderpads?), or even one on your hat would be enough for likely eavesdropping devices.

I'd be interested in more data about the effect on humans of prolonged exposure to the sounds too.

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