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The Mothership - 2021-06-08


Cena_mark - 2021-06-08

Pretty cool banners

Nominal - 2021-06-08

August 2003! The exact same month I got a mini-dv video camera!

Holy shit were those not built to last. I've never seen any other form of media that broke or failed as easily as mini-DV tapes and cameras. Our late 80s VHS and mid 90s VHS-c cameras were still working years after the mini-DV camera had completely failed, and the tapes would tangle 100% of the time no matter what we loaded them into.

Nominal - 2021-06-08

Also, a trip to Mall of America is even more depressing a vacation than a trip to Branson.

jfcaron_ca - 2021-06-08

After almost 2 years living in Minneapolis (and generally enjoying it) I found a new job back home, so I decided we should try to go to the MOA before we left. We drove over and the jam-packed parking lot was so disorganized I got frustrated and left. They had little indicators for how many spots were free and lights to guide you to free spots, except they were all broken and lying to you, the whole parkade was a huge traffic jam. Fuck the Mall of America.

glasseye - 2021-06-08

You didn't miss much. It's an awful place.

boner - 2021-06-09

This is making me claustrophobic and agoraphobic at the same time.

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