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Herr Matthias - 2021-09-26

So I'm not sure if I'm just old or out of touch or extra-sensitive because I'm the parent of a toddler, but I submitted this because it baffles me that this channel is so popular. I just find all of these videos unbelievably off-putting, and it's not just because they're Russian.

The Mothership - 2021-09-26

Dude (or Ma'am) you're not wrong. My youngest daughter is about the age of Nastya, and this is downright weird, Russian, or not. This ain't normal. This is classic POETV fare. Nice sub. Creepy tho...

ashtar. - 2021-09-26

Children's youtube is the most disconcerting part of it.

exy - 2021-09-26

I never knew a pizza basement could be so colorful!

But seriously, yeah, everything about this is disturbing enough that I feel kind of bad giving it a view.

Rafiki - 2021-09-26

It's the contrast between the girl's "room" and the shift into the rest of the house. The room has the decorating and sterility of a TV set, but when they change rooms it has the normal lived-in look of someone's house. I'm *assuming* they just dolled up a room in their house as a set for the sake of performance, which is weird in its own right, but if that girl actually lives in that room then...ew.

Then there's the question of how much a 4-year old girl is actually enjoying performing like this and how much she's being forced into it.

Coax_Current - 2021-09-28

Then there's the question of how much the cat is actually enjoying performing like this and how much it's being forced into it.

Gmork - 2021-09-26

i can't imagine the problems this is going to give her later in life, or those around her

Nominal - 2021-09-26

Is this just from the "Spiderman pregnant Elsa" algorithms becoming slightly more sophisticated?

Herr Matthias - 2021-09-26

I seem to remember there was a guy that did some digging into "Elsagate". What he found was basically the Occam's Razor interpretation of what was going on; there was a single company in a foreign country (Vietnam) mining Youtube clicks by enlisting a room full of people just cranking out these videos largely seeded off of popular characters and keywords kids are likely to be curious about.

I really don't think that Nastya is something similar, but it has been established that borderline (or not-borderline) child abuse gets a lot of clicks. I definitely understand now why child movie stars stereotypically end up so screwed up.

exy - 2021-09-27

That, and the drugs and the sex.

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