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SolRo - 2021-10-21

As much as I wanted to submit a crab dance video for his death, turns out Powell is a complex figure who was at times opportunistic, exploited by others and also genuinely trying to do good things.

Crack star tho

Crackersmack - 2021-10-21

a lib making excuses for a violent invasion and finding common ground with a bloodthirsty neocon monster, how surprising

teethsalad - 2021-10-21

oh wow a engineer stuck in nuance-free binary brain mode

who'da thunk it

Crackersmack - 2021-10-21

"nuance" must be the part of your brain that convinces you to accept unnecessary human suffering because it would make you uncomfortable to acknowledge it

Crackersmack - 2021-10-21

For people whose brains weren't broken by the 2016 election; this documentary is well worth a click through to watch. It won an Oscar in 1993 and is legitimately engaging, interesting, and shocking.

Nominal - 2021-10-22


Pillager - 2021-10-22

We all know there's no afterlife, but I'd love to see Colin Powell eternally experience storms of White Phosphorus, Depleted Uranium shelling & the wrath of countless millions of angry Iraqi's.

ashtar. - 2021-10-23

I love how crackersmack can get you guys to defend Hitler or whatever just by him saying that Hitler was bad.

Gmork - 2021-10-25

Sucks for whoever does that, I guess. One of them will have to let me know.

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