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The Mothership - 2021-10-26

Yeah there's some good simple advice about observing human behavior, but people be watching too much TV.

Also, 10% off!

SolRo - 2021-10-27

Would love to see a group of preppers put into a post-cataclysmic survival situation where they somehow thought the world really did end. I’d bet you’d have only one prepper left within a month.

Pillager - 2021-10-27

'How long before land pirates?'


The 'like minded' ones are going to be a problem...

Chicken the Did - 2021-10-29

Well, the world dealt them a super dangerous virus.
Their response to that was to call the virus a hoax and threaten anybody who dared argue otherwise with violence. And they dropped dead in droves. It was kind of like Opposite Day. The CDC recommended people get a few supplies so I did. Kept me out of grocery stores and the fuck away from the plague spewer Trumper dipshits. But anyways in a REAL crisis they're fucked. They'll chant anti Biden slogans as the flood water from climate change rises up to their shoulders. Because that water obviously isn't real.

Cena_mark - 2021-10-29

The virus wasn't seen as a huge threat to them because it wasn't like pandemics shown in TV and movies. This wasn't the Walking Dead, Outbreak, or the Andromeda Strain. They wanted a disease that would have people dropping left and right in the streets.

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