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SolRo - 2021-11-08

The hell with victimless crime bullshit, I want to steal directly from corporations.

Binro the Heretic - 2021-11-08

It's not the auto manufacturers you'd have to deal with, it's the car dealership mafia.

They'd come down on this like the hammer of Thor and the state would be on their side.

Quad9Damage - 2021-11-08

The other guy is a Nintendo bootlicker every time you take $500 from a retro game scalper.

casualcollapse - 2021-11-08

Try not to do that for the new OLED

poorwill - 2021-11-08

some flaws with this argument - partly because i'm a killjoy, but also because i think the skit would have been funnier if they went into the minutiae of this instead of making the anti-car-downloader a bit useless:

'i wasn't going to buy it anyway': in the skit, he specifically acquires the plans to a toyota hilux, a car he said that he didn't want to buy - even though he obviously wants or needs to drive a car. but if he could get the plans to any car, presumably he would want *one* of them. if it's just about affordability, that's more of a critique of capitalist society than a defence of downloading cars. downloading cars isn't going to fix capitalism - though it might change the approach capitalists take to profiting off vehicles.

if a used hilux is in his range of affordability, it might be unethical to use the materials/energy to print one even if it worked out less expensive. unclear. could he have downloaded a more energy-efficient car?

does the argument change if the workers and designers are the sole beneficiaries of the profits? wouldn't that put him more in the role of a boss stiffing his workers of a paycheck? a consideration.

jfcaron_ca - 2021-11-09

The whole concept of "intellectual property" is complete bullshit in my opinion. It's using law to create a scarcity problem for things that inherently are free to copy or transmit. Books used to require lots of labour or at least some capital to print, but with digital communication even transmission is fundamentally a copy. All plans for building anything are just information, and any laws that prevent their transmission are just continuing this idea of applying scarcity to a thing that inherently isn't scarce.

"Information wants to be free man" is probably easier to make fun of.

ashtar. - 2021-11-09

Intellectual property is a weird legal fiction, but so is the entire notion of property–especially when you get into large land owners or productive capital ownership.

It's weird how a lot of people take property relations as absolutely sacred (looking at you, Nozick) when they're very obviously just agreements we (or at least the powerful among us) have come to backed up by state violence. They could very easily be different.

poorwill - 2021-11-09

it's telling the way libertarians interpret property rights as the right to my property, and not, say, that everyone has the natural right to property.

property rights have been abused as long as they've existed, and it's not like the notion of land rights has kept the powerful from taking more.

i think it's fair to say people should have a place to call their own and some claim to the ideas they come up with, but it's become clear that what we have is not working, and mostly protects hoarded wealth. IP is a thing because rich people think they should be able to buy and sell thoughts.

Gmork - 2021-11-10

Fuck it. Let's emulate China's philosophy. Let the best team fortress clone emerge victorious.

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