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ashtar. - 2022-03-04

Is that Ben Shapiro's sister as well?

ashtar. - 2022-03-04

Even in the absence of any other information, the amount of hype surrounding cryto ought to make one very suspicious. Like, people don't get like this about municipal bonds; they get like this over MLMs.

Gmork - 2022-03-04

25 seconds

Anaxagoras - 2022-03-06

Uncanny. 27 seconds here.

Nominal - 2022-03-04

Never made it through the hopper, but check out Facebook's "New Friends" VR promo. It's only slightly less tone deaf than Zuckerberg's Puerto Rico VR disaster tour.


Message: capitalism will literally grind you up, spit you out, reduce you to a Walmart greeter, and only your corporate overlords can offer you a fantasy to keep on going.

themilkshark - 2022-03-07

That was really tonedeaf, pandering, dystopian and cringey. They can't help it, can they?

jangbones - 2022-03-04

is it worth saving? it really does not seem like it

SolRo - 2022-03-04

Oh, a rich person dodging taxes thinks crypto is awesome?

How new and original, tell me more.

duck&cover - 2022-03-04

What do you think that would fit in her mouth?

SolRo - 2022-03-04

The tip of a rifle.

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-03-05

The Metaverse.

exy - 2022-03-05

I have been in the room when this creature's band played. Luckily I was blind drunk and working on getting myself kicked out and I remember approximately none of it.

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