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yogarfield - 2022-05-11

Dave Portnoy

Lef - 2022-05-11

Who is Dave Portnoy, and why is he a one star c∪∩t?

yogarfield - 2022-05-11

Barstool Sports co-founder. Libertarian douchebag with anti-union views, all around asshole and has a litany of sexual assault allegations.

Plus this is old as hell.

Crackersmack - 2022-05-11

The pizza reviews are legit though, he's always right about pizza.

yogarfield - 2022-05-12

The pizza reviews were just a social media marketing campaign for him to release his own shitty frozen pizza.

Crackersmack - 2022-05-12

I'm not much of a frozen pizza eater so I've never tried it, but imho it would be pretty funny if he was so picky about real pizza and then turned around and sold the worst trash frozen pizza

Gmork - 2022-05-13

'Libertarian douchebag' is a bit redundant

yogarfield - 2022-05-14

@gmork Normally true, but he deserves it twice.

If you want a deeper cut:


He's so stupid that his first thought on Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during games to protest police brutality was "Oh he must be ISIS".

Then he tries to say it's a little unfair for Kaepernick (who is biracial) to make a protest about police brutality because Portnoy doesn't think he's black enough, and he's more of a "Bin Ladin" type. He has musings like "is he on the Palestine side?"

Colin's a lifelong Christian, and you'd think somebody who runs a major sports media site could be arsed to know that, but that just brings us back to "David Portnoy is a fucking hateful moron" thing.

Just toss that into the vat of homophobia, transphobia, racism, unbridled ignorance, and filming girls without their consent that is his existence.

Go forth and don't buy his shitty pizzas. Tell your friends.

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