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The Mothership - 2022-06-22


When I originally signed up here, my alternate choice usernames were:

Dr Funkenstein
#1 Funkateer
Pinocchio Theory Bombs
Funk Express Card

casualcollapse - 2022-06-22

Dr Funkensteins #1 Pinocchio Theory Express Card

Boomer The Dog - 2022-06-22

Hadn't seen any of that before, but it is great!

P-Funk was blazing hot right then, and that animation might have been connected with a story I'd heard, that there were talks about a possible P-Funk cartoon, but then other Funkateers like Rick James and the Gap Band started to knock on their door of dominance in the funk scene, so they couldn't do it.

Great stuff for kids who wanted to ultimately perplex their parents, by being listeners to this band and all their spaced-out lore.

I have an old story and a new story in connection with the band.

I was a young pup and found a $5 bill outside of a restaurant that my family had gone to. My parents put it away for me for safe keeping, but I went and got it and took it to school, maybe 4th grade, flashing it around, showing other kids.

The song 'P-Funk (Want's to Get Funked Up)" was popular at the time, and someone there had the 45 single of it and everyone was talking about it like it was the biggest thing. I didn't know anything, not having FM radio to hear that song, that's where it must have been played.

I had the 5 dollar bill and wanted to buy the record off that kid, and got told on or intercepted by some teacher, so the school called my parents about the money, and I never got the record.

The new story is last week on my radio show I happened to play 'Gloryhallastoopid' (Pin The Tail On The Funky), and was barking about how the song 'Mistadobalina' Bob Dobolina uses the same chorus singing Gloryhallastoopid. I heard 'Mistadobalina' on a restaurant's Sirius audio.


blase - 2022-06-22

Actually, I discovered that it was a dupe, but the link posted anyways when I hit "back" on the browser. This version of the video identifies the artist.

There was indeed a pilot for a cartoon; it was made in the 90s for MTV. Allegedly that was posted here too, but the search engine is being coy, so here's the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI_Wa73XTeQ&t=4s

Boomer The Dog - 2022-06-23

What would P-Funk call it? Something like Dipitypoopitydupedydoop (POEntelechy Blow's Ya Howze Down).mp3 Someone think of a better one.

Funny how it works, some videos I can see once and never forget them, others I'd swear I've never seen, but have and completely forgotten.

I could see that on MTV, they were being more experimental with Liquid TV then. I remember where I heard about the P-Funk cartoon idea, Lillian Roxon's rock music trivia book.

All hail Clinton, the Atomic Dog.


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