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Nominal - 2022-06-14

The many, many Youtube comments discussing the canonical implications that Donald is the most powerful mage in the expanded Square universe, rivaling the multi-dimensional god who was the only other being to have ever cast that spell.

Quad9Damage - 2022-06-14

Yes, the higher up the Greek alphabet you go with Flare is directly proportional to whatever rank of immortal dragon god you are. I'm surprised Disney allowed Donald Duck the honor of being Beyonder instead of the mouse. Also think it would be more fitting if he'd turned into a silly cartoon roast with blinking eyes in the aftermath.

Nominal - 2022-06-14

"So that's what Donald was saving his MP for all these years of not healing me when I needed it.

...I can respect that."

Quad9Damage - 2022-06-15

For me it was more like, Donald wasted all of his MP on useless Blizzard and Thunder attacks right at the start and there was none left to help me.

Quad9Damage - 2022-06-14

I laughed my ass off the first time I watched this happen.

ashtar. - 2022-06-14

"Sometime later after the events of the game, Sora, Riku, and Kairi receive a letter from King Mickey. The letter, written by Mickey during the events of Kingdom Hearts Coded, describes the parts of their past that Naminé learned while restoring Sora's memory.[88] As they read the letter, they learn of Xehanort's true identity as a Keyblade Master who sought the secrets of the Keyblade War which created their current reality and the fates that befall the apprentices of his friend Eraqus during the events of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Terra having ended up possessed by Xehanort and made into the original being of Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas were split from; Ventus sacrificing his heart by fighting his dark counterpart Vanitas while to prevent Xehanort from recreating the legendary χ-blade which allows the user to control Kingdom Hearts and hiding within four-year-old Sora's heart; and new Keyblade Master Aqua trapped within the Realm of Darkness while an amnesic Xehanort ended up Ansem's apprentice alongside his accomplice Braig (Xigbar's original self).[89] King Mickey also discovers that the destruction of "Ansem" and Xemnas has led to Xehanort's restoration.[90] To combat the new threat Xehanort poses, Sora and Riku take an exam to attain the Mark of Mastery that will allow them to become Keyblade Masters themselves."

From the Kingdom Hearts wikipedia entry. This gave me brain damage.

Kid Fenris - 2022-06-14

That rules. I should play more Kingdom Hearts.

Quad9Damage - 2022-06-15

The first game is about preventing a Disney villain Legion of Doom from opening a forbidden realm of ultimate power. At the end the typical Squaresoft twist reveals a larger villain behind it all. That's it.

After that the plot goes absolute off-the-rails nuclear, resulting in the most convoluted, newcomer-unfriendly JRPG saga in gaming history. If you don't play EVERY game in the collection in the EXACT order listed, you are lost. There's so much crap to remember in a game about an anime boy in giant shoes fighting shadow monsters alongside Buzz Lightyear and Mulan.

crojo - 2022-06-15

Good Lorem Ipsum fodder

ashtar. - 2022-06-15

Disney Adults + Weeaboos = this

Lef - 2022-06-15


Sludge Vohaul - 2022-06-18

"I am the terror that quacks in the night!"

Nominal - 2022-06-20

I am...Duckman

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