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yogarfield - 2022-06-19

Ain't no lobos, dig away.

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-06-19

TBH I liked it better when the comments didn't have timestamps. For some reason when I comment on old stuff I feel like some grandpa chiming in way late to a conversation.

But goddamn y'all have had some great comments over the years.

Nominal - 2022-06-19

I like timestamps. A lot of the older posts are like looking back into time capsules.

Especially pre-mainstream social media from 2012 or earlier. It's kind of shocking how so much has changed since then.

The Mothership - 2022-06-20

Hey Sludge, welcome to PoeTV! Longtime lurker, or just found us recently? Either way, love your tag game -linking the 'poetv community activities' tag shows an above average appreciation for our little scene here.

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-06-20

I've had some aspect of POE pinned to my browser since Y2K was still a concern. Poe-news was a site I could have open at work without raising IT's eyebrows and since POETV appeared (2005? 2006?) I've probably checked it at least once a day.

You don't find Portal of Evil, it finds you.

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-06-20

Jesus where are my manners today

Hello Mothership and thank you! I'm a big fan of your posts.

Nominal - 2022-06-21

My PoE journey:

My 1998 college roommate began his video game addiction (leading to a 0.0 GPA dropout). Constantly checked a site called "The Gaming Intelligence Agency".

GIA dropped a plug for Seanbaby.

Seanbaby -> PoE/OMM

cognitivedissonance - 2022-06-20

Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the Prime Directive.

yogarfield - 2022-06-22

I've probably already admitted this, but I was in touch with Fedsmoker because I wanted to write a piece on him. He was in my town, and I wisely backed out because he probably would have killed me. Dude was nuts.

I also tried to book Daniel Songer (pre his Comedy Central appearance) at a local venue.

He Types Every Sentence Like This And Actually Believes He Is Sent To Earth To Save Humanity Through Comedy.

He insisted that he stay the night with me even though he only lived a couple hours away. So I wisely backed out because he probably would have raped me. Dude was nuts.

OxygenThief - 2022-06-21

I figure as long as you aren't butting into some long dead argument or pile-on then post away!

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