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Sludge Vohaul - 2022-07-07

Had the guts, got the glory.

duck&cover - 2022-07-07

Backstory, from YouTube:

So for anyone who’s wondering what happened here is the story:
The woman had an argument with her husband, got so mad she stepped out in the middle of the safari to yell at him outside via his door. Why? Nobody knows since she was in the passenger seat and would be literally next to the guy in the first place.

After she got dragged away the man and her mother jumped out to help, a safari ranger rushed to aid as well. But the mother was ambushed by another tiger who was instantly killed as the safari rangers were saving the first woman (most likely the tiger went for the neck and made an instantly fatal bite, but this is not confirmed). The woman who got dragged away was severely injured but survived the attack and was hospitalized .

After the incident the family of the 2 women demanded 2 million yuan in money (approximately 300.00 dollar or 260.000 euro’s). After investigation however the park was considered not guilty or liable as the rules were made clear to all visitors and the woman ignored the advice and the many warning signs. Although the safari rangers did their job in making sure everybody knew not to exit their vehicles, their capabilities in saving people was considered not up to standard and the park was told to better school their rangers for emergencies. But this did not come with any penalties or compensation for the family of the victim.

The tigers were not euthanized or otherwise punished either as stated by a park ranger.

Lef - 2022-07-07

They have tasted human blood, and will share the secret with other cats.

5 for the summary.

Adham Nu'man - 2022-07-08

The most epic way to win an argument with your wife.

yogarfield - 2022-07-08

Holy shit.

Just floating a wild speculation here: What if he was hitting her and so she irrationally thought the safest place to be was outside of the car?

Adham Nu'man - 2022-07-08

The it would be extremely uncool and a very extreme case of domestic violence.

Rafiki - 2022-07-08

What if they were arguing over the thermostat?

SolRo - 2022-07-09

It would be kind of weird that the dude is violent during a safari ride with his mother in law in the back seat.

Maybe these was just a case of Karen attempted Darwin Award.

Nominal - 2022-07-10

Fail to murder wife, take out the mother in law instead.

Lateral upgrade!

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