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Cena_mark - 2022-07-28

Very nice. I dig these covers.

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-07-31

0:01 You may want to use a lower wattage light bulb if you want to do spot lighting, it's blowing out on camera
0:04 Remove coke bottle. Wise to flip the label so it's not obviously a Coca Cola product but without sponsorship this is a risky endeavor.
0:04 Roger Taylor does not use double kicks. Fine if this is considered a cover, but it's not faithful to Queen's original kit setup
0:10 Seriously, make your bed. Groupies notice this stuff, don't mess up your chances over 3 minutes of tidying
0:16 The lighting looks better here, probably because it's being filmed wider. Consider this a good shot to reference for lighting the scene with that camera
0:23 As discussed previously that bundle of cable on the mic is visually distracting. If it's the sort of mic where you can't remove the cable try wrapping it around the mic stand to get it out of the way
0:23 You may want to consider changing clothes for these composited shots unless part of the Pixars ascetic is uniformity.
0:30 While that big white wall definitely puts the singer in focus I think this is a wasted opportunity for something splashy and iconic. Offhand I'd suggest moving that purple poster on screen left to the back wall, though I commend its current placement as it makes me, the viewer, curious as to what sexiness is hiding behind that blue divider.
0:32 weird light blowout camera left. Suggest you get a compositor to look at that and see if you can even it out a little
0:45 be careful with your enunciation, it sounds like you're saying "another one bites the duss" as well as "another one god". It's much better at 0:57. Edit may want to ADR this
1:03 Sequence wide, but there's a continuity error with the popcorn bowl hat. Sometimes it's on while playing guitar, sometimes it's off. It's important while playing a character that their iconic outfits remain consistent.
1:05 remove pink bin from camera right. Visually distracting and tangents with the guitar player as he exits downstage
1:09 very nice greenscreen keying, but why use a lamp as the BG? Oh wait I just realized this is because you're the Pixars. Solid reference, ignore this rev
1:15 MPAA call, inappropriate hand gesture. If you're ok being rated PG13 instead of Family then keep as-is
1:51 This is sequence wide but get that purple bin on the right out of frame, it becomes really distracting when changing cams between the vocalist and the guitar player.
2:03 I'm curious what the Pixars logos are supposed to represent. It appears to be a combination of the logos from V and Airplane as well as a second logo that looks like an outdoor sign advertising a restaurant menu combined again with the Airplane logo but now sideways. I don't understand how it relates to the band's milieu. Can you elaborate on its meaning?
2:07 The hat flourish is a nice touch but consider getting a stetson, I think you would rock a stetson
2:32 Airplane again! I'm starting to feel like there's a secret message hidden in these videos, SEATECH ASTRONOMY style
2:45 Adjust framing: the way your hat is tangenting with ceiling it looks like a masking error where your head is disappearing into the ceiling.
2:53 keying is a but rough here and nothing is on the green screen? I'm also not sure to what to make of this hat - from a distance it didn't catch my eye but up close it looks like a repurposed lunch bag
2:59 character on cam right should be moved a bit screen right so you're not losing part of the face behind the singer. It will create a cleaner composition as well. scaling him down about 10% so he's more in scale with the other performers and this may solve itself.
3:09 General note about this series of shots - you can probably tighten this to mid shots so we're just seeing you. There's a lot of unnecessary dead space around the singer.
3:25 Lock the camera when you're filming the same room for two different parts. While small, the framing change is noticeable and a bit jarring cutting between singer and guitarist.
3:55 Be careful name dropping Suga unless he's actually performing with you. BTS has very powerful lawyers
4:16 - End No need for all this dead air. Would suggest editing this to fade out at a nice clean 4:20

Overall I preferred Let Me Entertain You but I think it's more that this song, while fun and dance-able, isn't the best choice for a music video. Are the Pixars amenable to performing something out of their usual genre? I would love to see something more aggressive like Pantera or Slayer.

Fox-Pixar Media - 2022-07-31

Good one
I hope you can time code Batdance as well

dowstroyer666 - 2022-07-31

Vid finally working for me , no more resubmits

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