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Binro the Heretic - 2022-08-27

NEWSFLASH: Turd who never pays his bills didn't pay a bill

casualcollapse - 2022-08-27

Political operatives from conservative organizations started whispering into his ear that he had legal precedent on his side to refuse to turn over the classified records to NARA (he did not).

Cena_mark - 2022-08-27

It's really hurting him now as lawyers won't work for him, because lawyers like being paid. He even stiffed Rudy.

yogarfield - 2022-08-27

"even stifled Rudy"

Rudy was a stooge from day 1.

It's going to be really funny when it comes out that Kushner / Ivanka are the architects of this.

Cena_mark - 2022-08-27

Rudy may be a stooge, but he expected to get paid. Most stooges are paid stooges.

yogarfield - 2022-08-28

Which elevates his level of stooge-ness. He really thought Trump wouldn't drop him lack a sack of wet shit? America's Mayor has dimbulb qualities.

Nominal - 2022-08-28

Rudy's all set financially from that sweet sweet Masked Singer and Cameo money. He just does it for the love of MAGA!

SolRo - 2022-08-27

In a statement trump said that as president he issued a standing order that he doesn’t have to pay any bills.

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