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Cena_mark - 2022-11-02

Your best work this far.

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-11-02

Agreed! Easily one of my favorites from your oeuvre.

Cena_mark - 2022-11-03

Even though there's two cups now, the editing is really tight and brings out the energy of the song

Fox-Pixar Media - 2022-11-03

Should sludge be able to time code it to see how it looked

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-11-05

0:01 - Great start! I don't think I realized you play as four distinct personas in these vids, it explains the popcorn hat.
0:01 - new shirts and ties even!
0:02 - still that fucking bundle of mic cords!
0:17 - Does that guitar actually have strings on it?
0:26 - Two cups!! They're breeding back there. Notice the blue separator has been removed and we can now see that that tantalizing poster in the back of your vids is Freddie Mercury. I had hoped for a centerfold.
0:37 - is that some Costco sized red bull or is it scaled up from the greenscreen?
0:41 - I love these drum kit shots every time, it makes you look like a little person or possibly the drummer from Toad the Wet Sprocket.
0:49 - Love the room sweeps (and make your bed)! Just be careful how you're lighting stuff like this I can see your shadow cast on the wall.
1:08 - keyboard sighting, why is this never incorporated into your videos?
1:15/1:16 - Assume popcorn hat is your Brian May, Is the other you without popcorn hat or glasses the John Deacon? He should play your other guitar, it gets confusing when they're on the same instrument.
1:23 - Ipad sighting, what are you reading and/or wanking to?
1:48 - great effect but as you can see it's keying blacks with a lot of noise. I suggest creating a LUT for this lighting so it can decipher gradients better.
2:12 - I'll repeat it until I'm heard but holy shit do I hate that bundle of mic cable.
2:17 - It looks like you hit the giant Red Bull instead of the cymbal but it amuses me that the can might sound like a crash.
2:28 - Loving these overlay shots. Character scale is much better, I almost buy that you have three identical twins.
2:42 - Watch your enunciation, it sounds like you said 'Gay plan'
2:55 - what's that hanging down screen left on your pants? Do you wear a wallet chain in your house? Are your parents or roommates untrustworthy?
3:12 - notice the Brian May character has a couple of finger band-aids that I guarantee were not caused by guitar playing. Hope it wasn't a serious accident.
3:27 - Love the truck in!
3:34 - Nitpicky note but Brain May didn't sing this part. Popcorn head should not be vocalizing here.
3:34-3:45 - this is one of those times where it's ok to stare at the camera, it looks like you're reading off a sheet to screen left of the lens like you haven't learned your lines.
3:56 - I know the overlays can be tricky but be careful about putting your singer's mic hand in the guitar player's face. This would be a composition call in a proper rock video.
4:19 - first time I've noticed the drum sticks - are they just a pair of those giant matches used for fireplaces? On that note I'd say perform the video with a thicker set of sticks so they're not keyed out. Check out the Dave Grohl signatures they're like tree trunks.
4:24 - I don't usually call out the acting, but your Freddie Mercury character does not seem to be getting into the solo.
4:27 - Is that green curtain where you do all your keying? Impressive.
4:56 - This is the stuff that brings me back - excellent composition, color and sightlines. I have goosebumps.
5:14 - lip sync error - someone is yelling 'yayayaya' but none of the people onscreen are singing it
5:19 - Where'd the bass player go? Bass players get a bad rap but they're an integral part of the group and should be included in the video.
5:42 - I would be much more convinced you're playing that solo if you move your fingers around a little on the guitar neck.

All in all a huge improvement Fox. Thank you for taking at least some of my previous revisions to heart, this is a great entry.

Fox-Pixar Media - 2022-11-18

Ok , well how about The Miracle that just came out now

Fox-Pixar Media - 2022-11-21

Ok what about the miracke could that be time coded

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