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Binro the Heretic - 2023-03-27

I've ended up in an upside down vehicle before.

I wouldn't reccommend it.

casualcollapse - 2023-03-28

I despise driving and hate the fact that I have to go 75 miles an hour to keep up with traffic on my commute

Anaxagoras - 2023-03-28

The tire hitting the back of the flipped car is a final "Fuck you" from Fate.

Fuck you too, buddy.

The Mothership - 2023-03-29

Insult added to injury.

Nominal - 2023-03-29

Micropenis oversized pickups (that are never hauling cargo) with oversized tires.

Car people question: what is with all headlights being blinding these days? Are they building brighter headlights? Is it more road vehicles are oversized monstrosities so the lights are higher up to shine directly at eye level? Both?

Am I just getting old and blind?

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