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Quad9Damage - 2024-05-13

That was a gentle slap compared to how some of these have gone. I was expecting him to beat her to death with a shopping cart and then finish the job with a forklift.

Binro the Heretic - 2024-05-13

When I was 4, my mom took me with her when she was shopping for a birthday present for one of my little cousins.

I went to the next aisle over and there was a teenaged store clerk putting things on the shelves. I picked up a toy hourglass full of different sized beads that would get sorted out when you turned it over. I turned it over and was watching the beads rattle when the clerk stomped his foot in my direction and barked, "DON'T PLAY WITH THE TOYS."

It startled me and I immediately started crying and started to run, but my mom came around the corner at lightning speed and scooped me up.

The kid immediately started babbling an apology.

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