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Caminante Nocturno - 2007-08-28

This may be incredibly arrogant and unfair of me, but I'm sitting here with my Bioshock and Xbox 360 and laughing at everyone in this commercial.

RomancingTrain - 2007-08-28

Well, it is one of the worst games ever.

revdrew - 2007-08-28

It does feature the very first nude glitch ever, though.

Afgh - 2007-08-29

But how often did the Atari 2600 fail catastrophically from heat?

Feyd - 2007-09-01

This game was terrific. I broke this one out within the last year to play, philistines.

Lothar - 2007-08-28

I played Smurf on my Colecovision last week. I kept tripping over the blades of grass on the first screen.

It's harder than it looks.

Doomstein - 2007-08-28

I had this game as a child. Such frustrating memories all coming back to me in a flood of rage. Thank you.

Xenocide - 2007-08-28

Holy shit, the Smurf ducked! So smurfing awesome, I just smurfed all over the screen!

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face - 2007-08-28


zatojones - 2007-08-29


oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-08-29


cognitivedissonance - 2007-08-28

I, for one, was not aware it was pronounced "Cally ko vision".

baleen - 2007-08-29

I wonder if I have still have my colecovision... Probably not. I can't even remember what games I had on it.

Camonk - 2007-08-29

This right here is Joey Lawrence's legacy as an actor.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-08-29

What in the smurf did I just watch.

revdrew - 2008-03-02

This is still there, just embedding disabled.. for anyone that cares.

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